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Confirmed Workshops – see program with schedule HERE
ID Day, time Title Chair Speakers
Workshop 1 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 8.30 am - (4h) Motor Disabilities  Jean-Michel Viton Thierry Lejeune
Walter Frontera
Philippe Marque
François Boyer
Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
M. Cotinat
A. Vershueren
S. Attarian
JM. Viton
L. Bensoussan
Helena Burguer
Workshop 2 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 8.30 am - (3h) Orthopedic Physiatry Course: Evaluation and non surgical treatment  Amit Bhargava  

Faren Williams
Gulseren Akuz
Brinda Kantha
William Micheo
Zacharia Isaac
Mark Hurdle
Michael DePalma
Amit Bhargava

Workshop 3 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 8.30 am - (3h) Introduction to Chronic Myofascial Pain – Where we are now and where do we need to go?  John Srbely Lynn H. Gerber
Jay P. Shah
John Srbely
Secili DeStefano
Antonio Stecco
Siddhartha Sikdar
Marta Imamura
Dinesh Kumbhare
Travis Branigan
Workshop 4 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 8.30 am - (2h) Application projects with the International Classification of Service Organization in Rehabilitation (ICSO-R 2.0)  Nugraha Boya Christoph Gutenbrunner
Cecilie Roe
Boya Nugraha
Marit Kirkevold
Andrea Bökel 
Workshop 5 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 11.40 am - (1h20m) Adaptive Fitness Anytime and Anywhere: Practical Solutions to Home-Based Disability-Friendly Exercise Programming  Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu Angela Palomba
Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu
Catherine Stratton
Workshop 6 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 11.40 am - (1h) ICF in the rehabilitation practice: Basics and applications  Masahiko Mukaino
Workshop 7 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 11.40 am - (1h) Caregiver burden in disabilities  Evrim Karadag-Saygi
Workshop 8 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 2 pm - (4h) Cochrane Rehabilitation workshop: Cochrane Evidence Examine and Deploy (CREED)   Farooq Rathore
Chiara Arienti
Farooq Rathore
Tawab Khalil
Umar Younis
Workshop 9 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 2 pm - (2h) Advanced electrodiagnosis in PRM  Mark Lissens Gülseren Akyuz
Gerold Ebenbichler
Jun Kimura
Mark Lissens
Workshop 10 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 2 pm Pharmacology of the post-stroke recovery 
Philippe Marque
Workshop 11 (CANCELED)      
Workshop 12 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 4 pm - (2h) 4th Annual Workshop on Global Approaches to the Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients  Vishwa Raj Birgit Leibbrand
Monica Pinto
Jennifer Baima
Vishwa Raj
Steven Faux
Amy Ng
Terry Carolan
Cynthia Bennett
Workshop 13 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 4 pm - (2h) Spinal Sensitization and nociplastic pain; a practical PMR approach to musculoskeletal chronic pain.  Giampaolo De Sena Maria Joao Andrade
Marta Imamura
Bryan O’young
Giampaolo de Sena
David Cassius
Susana Santos
Inês Campos
Workshop 14 SUNDAY 3 JULY, 4 pm - (2h) Non Traumatic Myelopathy; Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations in 2022 Ronald Reeves Inge Eriks Hoogland
Ruth Marshall
Peter W New
Cristina L Sadowsky
Brittany Snider
Workshop 15 (CANCELED)      
Workshop 16 MONDAY 4 JULY,  2.35 pm - (1h) Management of anterior & posterior drooling with botulinum toxins Heakyung Kim Heakyung Kim 
Yuxi Chen
Workshop 17 MONDAY 4 JULY,  4.30 pm - (2h) Medical Leadership: Transcending the Pandemic and Other Crisis Sam Wu
Workshop 18 MONDAY 4 JULY,  4.30 pm - (2h) The weight of the evidence: RCTs and other types of studies in PRM Walter Frontera
Workshop 19 MONDAY 4 JULY,  5.30 pm - (1h) New innovations in Cardiac Rehabilitation in International Settings  Matthew Bartels Marta Supervia
Peter Lim
Jonathan Whiteson
Matthew N. Bartels
Workshop 20 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  7.30 pm Peripheral Nerve Injury and the Physiatrist  Larry Robinson Tom Miller
Larry Robinson
Workshop 21 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  7.30 am - (1h) Knowledge transfer (KT). Importance of implementation of the Clinical Practice Guidelines
Mario Giraldo
Workshop 22 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  7.30 am - (1h) Physical and rehabilitation medicine interventions in inflammatory arthritis: Do they improve patients’ outcomes? Ayse Kucukdeveci Yesim Kurtais Aytur
Ayse Kucukdeveci
Workshop 23 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  4.30 pm - (1h) Meniscus rehabilitation- new trends and challenges  João Pinheiro
Workshop 24 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  4.30 pm - (1h) Frailty, Guidelines and Recommendations  Juan Manuel Guzman
Francesca Gimigliano
Eleftheria Antoniadou
Paolo Capodaglio
Workshop 25 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  5.30 pm - (1h) Rehabilitation before and after Bariatric Surgery Diana Lima Vítor Brás da Silva
Ana Almeida Pereira
Diana Torres Lima
Nuno Lopes
Workshop 26 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  5.30 pm - (1h) Updates in Pediatric Rehabilitation: New SMA treatments; Speech Impairment Classification Challenges; NICU evaluation during COVID in Honduras; Pediatric Musculoskeletal Examination via Telehealth  David Cancel David Cancel
Rodrigo Castro-Rebolledo
Ascela Vasquez Briceno
Coral Candelario-Velazquez
Workshop 27 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  7.30 am - (1h) Neuromodulation of the Spinal Cord to Improve Organ Function After Spinal Cord Injury Richard Wilson Richard Wilson
Anthony DiMarco
Gustaf Van Acker
Krzysztof Kowalski
Workshop 28 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  2.35 pm - (1h) From Molecule to Motion: Cutting Edge Brain Tumor Rehabilitation Based on Genetic Factors and Emerging International Treatments Sean Smith Sean Smith
Samman Shahpar
Lisa Ruppert 
Workshop 29 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  4.30 pm - (1h) Cryoneurolysis in the management of the knee pain  Alexandre Camões-Barbosa Alexandre Barbosa
Bernardo Moreno
Bruno Guimarães
Nuno Ramalhão
André Varandas
Simão Serrano
José Luís Carvalho
Workshop 30 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  4.30 pm - (1h) Dilemma's in Rehabilitation Medicine  Henk Stam
Workshop 31 (CANCELED)    
Workshop 32 WEDNESDAY 6 JULY,  5.30 pm - (1h) Patients Living with HIV: an Emerging and Growing Patient Group David Burke
Workshop 33 THURSDAY 7 JULY,  7.30 am - (1h) Rehabilitation of patients with Motoric Risk Syndrome  Anne Felicia Ambrose
Workshop 34 TUESDAY 5 JULY,  7.30 am - (1h) Neuroplasticity and Neuromodulation  Juan Manuel Guzman
Eleftheria Antoniadou
Francesca Gimigliano
Eleftheria Antoniadou
Paolo Capodaglio





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